Do you have your own construction project?

We support you in the communication with the ital. Authorities, network with local Craftsmen, or even help you find Propertieswhich often become significantly more expensive for non-residents.

Search for suitable properties

Due to our proximity to the local community, we are always in contact with property owners. Due to the trust we enjoy with these people, we regularly come across special offers that are not easy to find on the market.

Accompaniment through the ital. Authorities jungle

Especially near lakes, local authorities are exceptionally picky.

Here, too, our contacts with these local politicians and their officials play a special role and can smooth this significant hurdle for primarily interested parties from abroad.

Mediation & coordination of local craftsmen

Who should draw the dream house and who build it? In each place there are architects and surveyors who come and go in the respective municipality.

These gentlemen know exactly what is in demand at any given time, and on the basis of their ideas, they can propose a suitable property to builders, which then also has a good chance of being approved by the respective building commission.

No more language barrier

... and the most outstanding thing behind everything:

You will be able to communicate with the technicians, builders and - if necessary - authorities in German, Italian and English and, thanks to our linguistic competence, you will be able to communicate in the language you are most familiar with.

Realize your own construction project today!

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