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Garda Heritage was founded out of a desire to create a modern day real estate agency where the client is at the center of everything we do.

Every business decision we make is thoroughly reviewed to be in line with the latest trends in the real estate industry. For this purpose we have top local real estate experts to the side to fulfill our mission.

With our clearly defined values, we commit ourselves to continuously evolve as a real estate agent and freelance agency. To this we add a lot of passion and dedication, which are the foundation of Garda Heritage and distinguish us from others.

"No more tourist prices. With us, you still get top real estate at fair prices."

Armin Mair, Managing Director

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The proximity to the landscape, culture, history, authorities and the local population creates for me the particular advantages for outsiders to gain a foothold on Lake Garda and the surrounding area even just with a vacation property, and also for locals looking for new life prospects.

After decades of leadership work as a senior executive in industry for a well-known company, I utilize my language skills, expertise, network and trustworthiness in service to discerning real estate clientele.

By virtue of my sales successes, I was named "Best Newcomer Net Commission 2020″ by the management team of Engel&Völkers' Hamburg headquarters (883 real estate agencies worldwide in 33 countries).  

My family on my mother's side descends from Lake Garda. Accordingly, I have lived in Lazise for decades and know the real estate market on Italy's largest lake inside out.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Buy property

Anyone who has found the right property is already very close to the goal. As soon as the decision for the real estate is made, the willing buyer creates a Purchase request to the seller. As a rule, at this time the price is already agreed between the two parties.

Normally, however, the willing buyer considers the services of a broker, as this guarantees the proper procedure in favor of complete security and, consequently, saves time and effort. Normally, such a purchase request is weighted with a deposit of 10,000 - 50,000 euros.

Even if the seller has set an amount for himself, the willing buyer can set the price he considers justified on the purchase offer itself. This document is then sent to the seller. As soon as this purchase proposal is received by the seller and the seller accepts these proposals, it becomes legally valid.

Withdrawal without consequences is no longer possible at this point. The seller usually decides within 15 days whether the accepts the application. If YES, he signs the application and delivers it to the subsequent buyer. The latter must then take note of this signature and return this document again.

At this point, the transaction is legally concluded. If the seller does not agree with the proposal, he can reject it and thus the legal transaction is obsolete. He can also prepare a counter-proposal and send it to the willing buyer.

The latter can accept this new proposal and the purchase of the property is perfect again. If the willing buyer does not agree with the proposals of the seller, he is out of the deal without consequences.

As soon as the willing buyer has taken note of the purchase application accepted by the seller, the next steps are taken: Not infrequently, this is now followed by a so-called Preliminary purchase agreement between the parties, in which a handsome advance goes to the seller. This step, depending on the exemption of the property, can be between one and several months last.

First of all, the notary must deal with the property and identify all the securities related to the sale for the buyer. In Italy the Notary personally ensure that the property for sale is in proper condition in every respect.

This determination requires about one month Time. The preliminary purchase agreement can be directly replaced by the notarial securitization, if all issues of the sale have been clarified.

Sell property

It is best to turn to a real estate agent, who will take all steps with regard to the acquisition of a property and will advise and represent the buyer in all matters. The commission owed for this is already soon after the first gears in the form of security and spared nerves for the prospective buyer iningespielt.

The individual stages of a real estate purchase are purchase application, preliminary purchase agreement and purchase contract. How pleasant and energy-saving when you don't have to worry about anything beforehand - usually in a country with a different language?

After selecting the property and agreeing on the purchase price, the first step to purchase is to send a purchase application to the seller. The latter will accept the purchase application and return it to the sender with his signature.

The buyer takes note of this acceptance. Now it is time for a preliminary purchase agreement and the payment of a deposit to be agreed. Subsequently, the date of the final securitization of the acquisition of the property (purchase contract) is agreed. To mark the occasion of the purchase agreement, the keys are usually handed over.

Real estate is generally linked to the 6 months on the market. Once the buyer is found, the notary needs from 30 - 60 days, to deal with the case at hand and the property, as well as to prepare the contract.

Garda Heritage

If you build your own house on Lake Garda, you retain full control and can design it entirely according to your wishes. However, this path is associated with some hurdles.

The communication with the italy. Authoritieswhich can be quite a frustrating experience; the search for local Craftsmenwho often speak only Italian; or already the search for Propertieswhich often become significantly more expensive for non-residents.

We can assist you with all of this, saving you a lot of stress on the way to your dream home!

Some would like to realize their dream house themselves. This is a very laborious and time-consuming way to reach the goal. On the one hand, especially in the case of buildable plots with a view of the lake, the local building contractors are after every offer, so that the prices for them skyrocket.

If such a property is then offered to third parties, the price is probably hopelessly too high for the local market. Also, home builders should
Garda-Heritage offers for you:

Search for suitable properties:
Due to our proximity to the local community, we are always in contact with property owners. Due to the trust we enjoy with these people, we regularly come across special offers that are not easy to find on the market.

Accompaniment in the official jungle:
Especially near the lake, the local authorities are exceptionally picky. Here, too, our contacts with these local politicians and their officials play a special role and can smooth this significant hurdle for primarily interested parties from abroad.

Dealing with local technicians and builders:
Who should draw the dream house and who build it? In every town there are architects and surveyors who come and go in the respective municipality. These gentlemen know exactly what is in vogue in each case, and on the basis of their ideas they can submit to builders the proposal of a suitable property, which then also has a good chance of being approved by the respective building commission.

... and the most outstanding thing behind everything: You will be able to communicate with the technicians, builders and - if necessary - authorities in German, Italian and English and, thanks to our linguistic competence, you will be able to communicate in the language you are most familiar with.

Own construction project

As stated by the local trade. Chamber of Industry. Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, brokerage services are provided with a Agency commission of 3% plus VAT. of the negotiated sales price. The fee for additional activities are agreed and determined in advance with the client.

The intermediaries work full-time in this industry. Accordingly, they deal directly with all incoming contacts. As a rule, feedback should include the 48 hours not exceed.

Nothing found? We also support you with your own construction project!

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